Jonathan Stroud’s LOCKWOOD & CO. Optioned For TV Series

Supernatural detective series LOCKWOOD & CO. is headed to TV!

Jonathan Stroud‘s Lockwood & Co., a Young Adult series that blends together the supernatural and sleuthing, is being developed as a television show.

The series takes place in an alternate London in which ghosts and ghouls have overrun the city. They can only be seen by a small portion of the human population, and those lucky people with the sight are tasked with fighting them off. The story follows Lucy Carlyle, a teen who comes to London hoping to nab a place in a distinguished Detection Agency, only to find herself employed at Lockwood & Co., a dingy, infamous firm run by the charismatic Anthony Lockwood.

The project is in development thanks to Big Talk Productions, the production banner behind Baby Driver and A Young Doctor’s Notebook. However, things are still in the very early stages and there are no details to share at this time.

As for author Jonathan Stroud, he’s “hopping with delight at the prospect of Lockwood being brought to the screen by Big Talk,” he told Deadline in a statement. “Their unique sensibility blends comedy, adventure and horror beautifully, and is in perfect synthesis with Lockwood’s world. I can’t wait for us to take up our rapiers, salt bombs and iron chains and get to work.”

The fifth and final book in the series, The Empty Grave, hit bookshelves last week. You can snag it now via Amazon.


By Kait

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