Jonny Weston Teases His New Character on INSURGENT

Jonny Weston plays “hardcore dude” in Insurgent

While promoting for Project Almanac with co-star Sofia Black-D’Elia, MTV took the opportunity to ask actor Jonny Weston about his role in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, which comes out next month.  He doesn’t give a whole lot of information, but enough to tease the fans.  “He’s a surprise. He’s not even in the books.”  That part the fans of the books know.  What else?  “I’ll tell you he’s a member of the factionless, and he’s pretty high up in the government, and uh, he’s hardcore. He’s a slugger.”

Okay, that’s plausible, since there are many factionless.  The factionless, if you don’t recall, are basically the homeless people of this faction-coded society.  They were either kicked out of their faction for any number of reasons (for the Dauntless, it’s usually during the initiation period where the lowest ranking initiates are kicked out automatically at the end of that period.)  It’s plausible that this Edgar could be a former Dauntless initiate.

When asked about the idea that his character could be interfere with the Tris/Four romance and turn it into a love triange – another thing that wasn’t in the books – he looked at his co-star and muttered, asking her how that got started, then said, “She started that rumor,” directing attention to Sofia.  “I’m not even sure where that’s gonna go, to be honest with you.”

I’m not quite sure if this confirms that rumor, or if he’s just trolling.  But he didn’t say much else about it.  As far as the reception he’s gotten about his role, or at least from what he’s heard, he said this much:  “I don’t read a lot in terms of reviews and upcoming stuff, but I know that people are kind of excited to see what goes on with it. But I will tell you he’s pretty, he’s a pretty hardcore dude. He’s all about cheap shots. He’s kind of like a fighter. It’s awesome. It’s really liberating to play, like, a mean kid.”

Cheap shots? A fighter?  Maybe a dirty fighter, but I’ll reserve my judgment until after I see the movie.

As far as what kind of fighting, he does get excited about mentioning the training he’s had to do.  “Yes, some training. There’s this guy, Jeremy Marinas, he’s the greatest tricker,” Weston states. “He trained me. You got to learn how to take a punch and all that stuff. It’s fun stuff.”  As for actual hits, he goes on.  “I got punched so many times. But I punched someone in the head to, so it all evens out.”

And he’s had nothing but praise about main co-star Shailene Woodley.  When asked about her hugs, he seemed proud to have gotten one, or several during his time of filming. “Great.  She’s- oh my God- she’s the most positive, like, talented- she’s great! She hugs well. Is that what you asked? She makes good hugs.”

It does seem he was genuinely impressed with Woodley.   “She comes in with this incredible attitude and she’s insanely talented. And she really carries the set.”

Insurgent hits theaters Friday, March 20th, but you can see Jonny in Project Almanac in theaters now.

Jonny Weston answers Insurgent questions