Jonny Weston To Play New Character in INSURGENT


Fans will never cease to wonder what it is that the writers/producers/directors are thinking when they bring in new characters into a book-to-movie adaptation, and leave out others that fans would surely love to see on film.  Sometimes it makes sense… but more often we’re just not so sure.

Yesterday, we made the announcement that Suki Waterhouse and Jonny Weston were cast into the Divergent sequel, Insurgent.  Suki’s role was revealed to be that of Marlene, which is a character established in the book trilogy.  Jonny’s role was kept quiet supposedly due to negotiations still pending.  But I guess the negotiations are done and we now know this:

Jonny Weston will play a character named Edgar. Edgar is not in the books. There was an Edward (who was played by Ben Lamb in Divergent, but had a much less significant role in the film than in the book, sadly) but not an Edgar. Is this a problem?

Well, I think it’s really too soon to say. All we have is a name. We don’t know what faction he’s in, or if he’s even in a faction. All we know is what was given us so far, and that’s a name.

So, what do you think? Are you already upset, or are you waiting until you hear more information?


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