Josh Boone Confirmed to Direct THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

It looks like it’s been confirmed that Josh Boone will be directing the super, highly, unbelievably anticipated book-to-movie adaptation of ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’

You might not be familiar with the guy at all.  He’s only directed one film, and it hasn’t even been released yet.  But the movie, ‘Stuck in Love’ actually stars Lily Collins and Logan Lerman, so he’s worked with the generation that he needs to get his actors for the parts.  Not that it’s going to be Lily and Logan again, as I don’t think it should be, really, but he can definitely help find the right talent for the roles.

“I feel the weight and responsibility to get this right, and give his readers and devoted fans as pure a translation as possible…We hope to create a little infinity within this film that fans can revisit over and over.”

As far as who will play Hazel, Shailene Woodley has not been confirmed to play her yet, but she’s in the running.  We’ll see who Josh will get to work with on this undoubtedly nerve-wracking project (at least for the director).

via Collider.

By Kait

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