Josh Hutcherson Reveals Which Scenes in ‘Catching Fire’ to be Filmed in IMAX

We previously shared part of Josh Hutcherson’s MTV interview with you and now we have even more!

Here’s a pretty humorous story of what happened during the filming of the proposal scene (click here for video):

“I have proposed to Katniss,” Hutcherson confirmed. “It was good. Actually, funny story: When we shot it, the actual proposal itself is done where you don’t hear what we’re saying, so I was just saying gibberish while I was proposing to her on one knee. Actually, the very first time I went to get down on one knee my pants ripped right down the crotch. The worst thing that could happen when you’re proposing to somebody is that your pants rip right down the crotch, and that’s what happened to Peeta. So… he’s doomed. He’s doomed. Poor guy, he just can’t catch a break.”

And this pretty exciting reveal about what’s being shot in IMAX (here’s the video!):

Following a winning run for “The Hunger Games” in IMAX theaters (despite not being shot in the large format), Lionsgate announced in June that the follow-up would feature scenes filmed specifically for the big big screens, though did not divulge specifics.

“They’re shooting, I think, all the stuff in the arena is going to be IMAX,” Hutcherson said. “So when you go see it in IMAX, you’ll see the regular movie when we’re in the Districts and in the Capitol. When you see us go up in the pod in the games, it will open up into IMAX. It will be amazing. It’s very cool.”