Josh Hutcherson talks Hunger Games experience

Josh Hutcherson talks Hunger Games experience

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson opens up

Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark if you haven’t heard, has been taking the popularity of The Hunger Games movies in stride.  And we love how the excitement of such a hit franchise doesn’t seem to have let it go over his head.  It’s like he really does have a lot of Peeta’s sensibilities in him and we love that.

As we get closer to the final movie of The Hunger Games world, Yahoo! took some time to talk to him about the experience, including the press tours and what it was like for him on Mockingjay Part 1.

Any experience from making The Hunger Games that would make a good movie?
There’s a lot of stories from shooting that would make cool movies, but maybe the press tour. The press tour is such a crazy experience, it’s really hard to explain to someone what that feels like, to hit a different city every day and have to do an entire press junket and premiere, every single day in different languages.

I see them for maybe one day, at a junket. I can’t imagine what the entire tour is like.
During the press tour for Catching Fire, we were in Europe and we did five cities or six days. Every day, you woke up and did press for six hours, with the round tables and the same questions a thousand times in a row and you try to make it sound interesting. But it’s painful. And then after that you go and get changed for the premiere, you do this crazy, super-high energy tiring thing where you see all the fans and the press on the red carpet. Then you hop on a plane, fly to the next city, go to sleep, and wake up and do it all again. So it’s a weird Groundhog Day type of thing, but in slightly different hotels with slightly different languages.

What are the questions you get the most?
Every press tour has had a different most-asked question. At the beginning, it was like, “So did you read the books?” And I was like, “Yeah, I definitely read the books.” Everyone always wants to hear a funny story from the filming process. The question I get the most is “Tell us something that no one else knows.” And you’re like, “I’m doing press, everybody knows these things!”

In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, we mostly see you delivering messages from the Capitol, and you’re increasingly insane and gaunt… and then you choke Katniss. What was it like for you to watch that on screen?
It’s always crazy to see something that you’ve acted in actually on the screen and having other people see it. It’s not gotten any less weird for me. Especially when I’m losing my mind — to see it in that extreme of a state. It really added a lot to the scene, I think, to have the physicality. I wasn’t that gaunt in real life, thank God. I didn’t have to go on a crazy diet.

As for that rumor about him possibly getting the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man?  Well, he did state he would love to do it, as he had auditioned for the role before The Hunger Games came along.   However, he stated that, “There’s not been any conversations about that, but who knows what would happen?”

I wouldn’t put too much stock into it myself, considering we don’t know if it’ll even be Peter Parker this time around.  Rumors still abound for now.

Check out Josh’s audition tape for the role of Peter Parker from about 4 years ago.