Judy Hopps Is On The Case In Second ZOOTOPIA Trailer

Second ZOOTOPIA trailer shows a bunny on a mission!

In an animal version of the modern world, it’s not easy to be taken seriously when you’re a bunny, even if you’re a police officer as well! Judy Hopps has a lot to prove to her superiors and the ruffians in her city if she wants to keep the job that nobody thinks she’s up for. Judy enlists Nick Wilde, a sly fox and a petty criminal, to help her solve a major case in order to prove her worth. But as we see in the second Zootopia trailer, the danger may be great than they thought!

With more focus on hilarious secondary characters like Flash the Sloth and Yax the Yak, leader of a really all natural resort, and a hysterical reference to The Godfather, this trailer is certainly the funniest yet!

The song featured in the trailer is Shakira’s latest, “Try Everything”. The pop star will play the most beloved pop star in the Zootopia universe, Gazelle.

Zootopia is out on March 4, 2016.

second Zootopia trailer


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