JULIA VANISHES Blog Tour Review and Giveaway

JULIA VANISHES is a strong series starter full of magic, danger, and mystical charm!

Julia Vanishes… and in response, we cheer!

Mrs. Och’s home in Spira City has many a secret. Julia is there to steal them all. The ability to be unseen at a moment’s notice comes in handy when you’re posing as a naive maid and spying on the strange matron, the research of a rogue professor and his assistant, and curious houseguests that bring their own brand of trouble.

ce3c3908-d54f-4925-ba98-32f054a1eaceJulia is not a witch, but she possesses an undefined magical ability in a time when witches are killed in public “Cleansings.” Her mish-mashed family of grifters adore her talent and what it does for business, but it’s a dangerous one indeed. She doesn’t know who her mystery client is or what they’re looking for, but Julia knows her gift can help get any information they need– and a huge payout when it’s all done. But Mrs. Och and her group have darker, more powerful secrets than Julia ever imagined; secrets that will change her world and threaten her life, particularly when a supernatural assassin is unleashed on anyone associated with a resident in the house.

A great mix of folklore, mystery, and suspense, Julia Vanishes has something for every reader, starting with a fascinating lineup of characters. Julia has oozes adventure and a wicked, no-nonsense charm in a world full of dangerous whimsy. The band of thieves she calls her family, including her birth brother, Dek, are sly and merry with the just the right dosage of despicable mixed in. Her new acquaintances from Mrs. Och’s house, full of magic and mayhem, are quirky, devious, and oh-so-refreshing. And that’s not even diving into the carefully layered villains who disrupt, destroy, and dazzle throughout!

43cfe6ce-2d51-43ca-9898-9e6d68d75b9dThough there are certain love stories intermingled throughout– some that play out in the midst of the action and some that we’d like to see play out as the series goes on– we appreciated that Julia’s journey as about much more than who she is or isn’t kissing in her off time. Her cunning impressed us plenty, so we appreciate that the relationship drama was an appetizer round rather than the main course.

We also found ourselves drooling over the books carefully-constructed, ultra-unique setting that is part historical fiction, part fantasy. Julia’s city is Gaslight Era London met with Salem Witch Trials sensibilities, where magic is feared by many but blooms powerfully in secret. We even discover a whole wide world outside of Julia’s country with distinct cultures and traditions that could play into the series in magnificent ways. Catherine Egan has created her own landscape where the people, the politics, and the possibilities are all very real and oftentimes, very tempting.

If you love a good fantasy seeped in detail and drama, you’re going to fall head over heels for Julia Vanishes and all the elements it has to offer!

Julia Vanishes hits bookshelves next Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

julia vanishes

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About The Author

82a6b245-3a20-4fc2-948c-f0aa00ecefb7CATHERINE EGAN grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, she has lived on a volcanic island in Japan (which erupted while she was there and sent her hurtling straight into the arms of her now-husband), in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Beijing, on an oil rig in the middle of Bohai Bay, then in New Jersey, and now in New Haven, Connecticut. She is currently occupied with writing books and fighting dragon armies with her warrior children. You can read more about her at Follow her on Twitter at @ByCatherineEgan.

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