Julian and Emma View Something Amiss in Fourth QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS Snippet

This latest QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS snippet may either make you laugh or make you rage, depending on how you take it. 

In this snippet from Cassandra Clare‘s Queen of Air and Darkness, we can probably take a guess as to where Julian and Emma are at as they ponder over the piece of tapestry that decorates the wall of this undisclosed place.

The first thing Emma noticed was missing was the tapestry of the Battle of the Burren. The fireplace was lit now, and over it Alec Lightwood’s image had been replaced by Zara Dearborn’s. It was a portrait of her in gear, her long blond-brown hair falling to her waist in two braids like a Viking’s. ZARA DEARBORN, CLAVE HERO, said a gold plaque on the frame.

“Subtle,” Julian muttered.  

After reading this, it may have made you laugh, but then you realize how the Dearborns are not cool people, and then you rage. We have, too! As we’ve seen in Lord of Shadows, we know the Dearborns aren’t known for subtlety, but it doesn’t make us feel any better just for knowing so.

More than likely, given how Cassie loves to tear our hears apart before giving us something to heal it, we can probably expect to read worse from Zara and her father Horace.

Queen of Air and Darkness hits stores, and our feels, on December 4th.

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