Julie Murphy’s DUMPLIN Adaptation Gets Soundtrack from Dolly Parton, Linda Perry

Get the details on how Dolly Parton is returning the love she receives in DUMPLIN!

Dolly Parton plays a major role in Julie Murphy‘s novel Dumplin, which follows Willowdean Dickson, a plus-sized Texas teen with a sharp wit whose protest entry into a beauty pageant to spite her mother shakes up the social hierarchy in her small town. Willowdean is obsessed with Dolly’s music and no-apologies attitude, giving her the confidence to stand out.

Back in October, it was announced that Dolly Parton would create a theme song and contribute a song or two to the Dumplin film adaptation starring Danielle MacDonald as Willowdean and Jennifer Aniston as her mother. Well, it turns out she and writer/producer Linda Perry created an entire soundtrack instead!

According to Billboard, Parton and Perry wrote six original songs for the soundtrack, plus collaborated with other yet-to-be-announced artists on new renditions of Parton’s previously released songs.

Linda Perry also wrote and produced the film’s score.

Dumplin has finished filming and is currently in search of a distributor. When the movie has a release date, the soundtrack’s release date will likely soon follow.

By Kait

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