JUSTICE LEAGUE Artwork Reveals The Look Of Cyborg and The Flash

Cyborg and The Flash join the team in JUSTICE LEAGUE concept art!

Just before ‘The Dawn of the Justice League’ special coming to The CW tonight, which will delve into what’s to come in the ever-growing DC cinematic universe, check out a new look of the Justice League as it stands right now, including the first concepts for Cyborg and The Flash!


This is obviously a less realistic sketch that isn’t necessarily in the actors’ likenesses, but it does reveal the costumes we can expect for Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Barry Allen).

Notably missing from the artwork is Green Lantern, who has yet to be cast and whose look could be considered a spoiler– there are two popular versions of the character with different races, origins, and story lines that fans will speculate on as soon as casting is announced. DC probably wants to keep a surprise until a little closer to Justice League’s release date, especially with the Green Lantern solo movie not coming until 2020.

Justice League is due to hit theaters on November 17, 2017, but be sure to tune into The CW’s ‘The Dawn of the Justice League’ special tonight for more details!


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