Kaitlyn Leeb Joins SHADOWHUNTERS Cast as Camille Belcourt 

Kaitlyn Leeb Joins SHADOWHUNTERS Cast as Camille Belcourt 

Although the character doesn’t appear in the first book of The Mortal Instruments series, it looks like she’ll at least be making an appearance in the first season of the TV series Shadowhunters.  And actress Kaitlyn Leeb joins Shadowhunters as the one to portray Camille Belcourt, the leader of the New York vampire clan.

In Cassandra Clare’s books, Camille Belcourt is described as a blond and very aesthetically beautiful woman.  Obviously, Kaitlyn is not blond, and though there might be some grumbling about the casting of a brunette, there’s no doubt that Kaitlyn has that aesthetic beauty.  As a fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, I’m all for this casting so far, including Leeb.  The diversity that has been shown is a wonderful way of supporting what the fans have been vocal about lately, and this latest addition to the cast only proves it more.  Bravo to Constantin and showrunner Ed Decter for making this happen!


As for Kaitlyn, her recent credits include playing Jennifer Doolittle in the show Degrassi: The Next Generation, and as Cassandra in Heartland.  She also had a bit part in the 2012 remake Total Recall.

As stated before, readers will be questioning the idea of having Camille in the first season as she doesn’t actually make an appearance in the first book, but there’s all kinds of possibilities for doing so now, including having her in possible flashback scenes.


Source: The Wrap