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A Goodbye from SHADOWHUNTERS’ Clary, Katherine McNamara

The star of SHADOWHUNTERS discusses casting, fandom, and the end of the show!

Tomorrow, the first of the last twelve episodes of Shadowhunters will air. So as we prepare to say goodbye to this beloved show, TV Insider sat down with leading lady Katherine McNamara to talk about her time on the show.

McNamara shared with the media outlet that what she loved – loves – most about being a part of the show was seeing the community and fandom that got cultivated.

“Being almost a fly on the wall and seeing the fandom create this community of acceptance and love and a place where people feel safe and feel seen, it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.”

She also paralleled playing Clary with her own life, describing how while Clary was a normal 18-year-old girl who suddenly got thrust into this crazy new world when the show started, McNamara too was a young girl of only 19 who suddenly found herself the star of a popular young adult franchise.

To hear more about what our young starlet has to say about the last ten upcoming episodes and the future of the fandom, check the interview out above.

Shadowhunters will premiere Monday, February 25 on Freeform.

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