Katherine McNamara Takes On SHADOWHUNTERS Questions From The Fans

Kat McNamara took on questions from the fans from the set of SHADOWHUNTERS!

When a popular book series transforms into a television show, there’s going to be plenty of questions from the fans. What is the cast like? Would they be reliable in a zombie apocalypse scenario? Who has the most fabulous outfits? These things are important!

Thankfully, Clary Fray actress Katherine McNamara answered fans burning questions in a recent Q & A session! She gushed about here fellow cast members, reveals which episode is in the works, and says that we’ve not yet got an Clace kiss at that point!

Kat answered even more questions about her favorite authors, shows, quotes, and more over on her Twitter.

Of course, the Q & A also came with a bit of light teasing from fellow cast members: