Katherine McNamara talks about her SHADOWHUNTERS character Clary Fray

Katherine McNamara talks about what she likes about Clary

Fiery-haired Katherine McNamara got a chance to talk about her character on Shadowhunters, the upcoming Freeform (formerly ABC Family) TV series that will premiere in January of next year.  She plays Clary Fray, the protagonist of the series, and Kat tells us what it is about Clary that she’s drawn to.

Kat explains the quality of Clary, and how she, like all of the other characters that are based on Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles books, is well thought-out, has many layers to her character and someone that Kat can develop with.

She also talks about the technical aspects of being on the show, such as the wearing of the runes, the stunts, and of course, the fashion involved with transforming her as well as the other actors into their characters.

Find out more about the show and the people involved at ShadowhuntersTV!

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray in Shdaowhunters