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Kellie Cyrus Will Direct Adaptation of HUSH, HUSH

Becca Fitzpatrick’s successful novel HUSH, HUSH has found a director for its book-to-screen adaptation!

Fans of the bestselling series Hush, Hush have gotten some excellent news! Years after writer Becca Fitzpatrick originally decided to put the film on hold, she has announced that the first movie is headed to production “very soon” and will be directed by Kellie Cyrus.

Kellie Cyrus is known for her directing work on Vampire Diaries and The Originals. She has already tweeted about her excitement for the project (and it seems like she’s already busy with casting)!

Becca Fitzpatrick posted the announcement on her website:

Four years (and a few days) ago, I posted an update letting you know that we would not be moving forward with the HUSH, HUSH movie. I know this decision disappointed many of you, and many of you still held out hope for a film. You guys have been incredibly patient and supportive over the years, and I’m so thrilled to announce that the HUSH, HUSH movie is indeed headed to production very soon! Thank you for believing in Patch and Nora’s story—this film would not be happening without your support and enthusiasm. 

BCDF Pictures, along with Kalahari Film & Media, have announced that Kellie Cyrus will be directing the first movie of the HUSH, HUSH Saga. I’ve been so very pleased with the way the project has been progressing, and I think you guys are going to be blown away by the film. 

There will be a lot more information releasing really soon, so stay tuned. But for now, let’s celebrate! At long last, we are getting a HUSH, HUSH movie!

Are you celebrating the announcement of a Hush, Hush saga in the near future? Let us know!


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