Kevin Feige on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and The Future of Marvel


Marvel universe showrunner Kevin Feige recently talked about the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and what to expect from the future of the Marvel universe in the near future!

On Casting Rocket Raccoon:
When we were casting Rocket and coming up with who we liked to approach, we kept saying, “Whoever plays it, can’t play it like he’s an animated character. Can’t play it like he knows he’s an animated character.” That’s what’s so amazing about Bradley, is that he’s made a character. Bradley could’ve played that role and you’d buy it.

On Changes Implemented By Director James Gunn:
I think in the early draft, all the Guardians encounter each other for the first time in the prison as opposed to them encountering each other in the Xandar-Mall which led to them going to the prison, which was a James plus. Thanos and Ronan’s roles were altered somewhat over the course of it, as James did. Yondu was all James, the backstory of Peter having been raised essentially by Yondu and the Ravagers was all James.

On a Black Widow and/or Black Panther movie:
I think we could, it’s a matter of when. It’s a matter of what are those dates, it’s a matter of juggling multiple, successful franchises. Is there a downside to managing multiple, successful franchises? I believe we’re figuring out that there is, which is having the time to do them all. So, at what point do we hold back a franchise or have three or four years between parts of a franchise in order to introduce new ones? Or do you introduce new ones within the body of the films? We’re looking at all those things right now.

On Why The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY “Easter Egg” Scene Won’t Be Released In Advance:

It is done and it always varies. There’s no rhyme or reason, necessarily. Sometimes there are things that I think are just more fun to be discovered by the people. The normal people, not fancy pants like yourself who see it early and complain is not in IMAX—but to have a surprise on opening night. And it does vary, sometimes it’s because it’s not ready, sometimes we include it and sometimes we hold it back. We just decided it’d be fun to hold this one back.

Feige also hinted heavily that fans can expect major announcements on what films will fill the mystery release dates announced by Marvel at Comic-Con, along with other news on developing projects.


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