Kiera Cass’ THE ONE… With Dolls!

Ladies and gents, Epic Reads has hit the trifecta. After two hilarious parody videos for THE SELECTION and THE ELITE, they’re topping it all off with their snarky take on THE ONE, the book that concludes young America Singer’s journey in The Selection!

The contest to win Prince Maxon Schreave’s heart is down to the last few contestants, so it’s time for America to finally, finally make up her mind. In case you’ve forgotten just what hectic, crazy fun THE ONE really is, this video is a great reminder!

What’s your winning line? We’re gonna have to go with “I’m Celeste. I’m not really a bitch!”

THE HEIR, a continuation of THE SELECTION series following Maxon and America’s daughter Eadlyn, is out now!

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