Kit and Ty Chat in LORD OF SHADOWS Snippet

LORD OF SHADOWS snippet shows meaningful interaction between Kit and Ty!

Without spoiling anything, perhaps one of the biggest surprises in Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight was the introduction of Kit and his interesting dynamic with one of the Blackthorn brothers, Ty.

It’s hard to know exactly how their relationship will play out in the rest of The Dark Artifices series, but fans have already started shipping them as a couple– because who could deny a ship name like “Kitty”?!– and Cassandra Clare calls their connection “really significant” to the story.

It’s so significant, in fact, that Clare isn’t willing to divulge too much of it in her sneak peek snippets. After many fan requests, the author found one short, spoiler-free interaction between the characters from the beginning of the next novel. Check it out!

“Oh. Right.” Kit glanced down at his split knuckles. “I hurt my hand at the Shadow Market.”

“How?” Ty asked, leaning against the edge of the counter.

“I punched a board,” Kit said. “I was angry.”

Ty’s eyebrows went up. He had interesting eyebrows, slightly pointed at the tops, like inverted V’s, and very black. “Did it make you feel better?”

“No,” Kit admitted. He felt ever so slightly judged.

Ty tilted his head to the side. “I can fix it,” he said, taking one of the Shadowhunters’ magic pencils out of his jeans pocket. Steles, they were called. He held out his hand.

Kit supposed he could have refused to accept the offer, the way he had when Julian had suggesting healing him in the car. But he didn’t. He held his forearm out trustingly, wrist turned upward so the blue veins were exposed to the boy who’d held a knife to his throat not that long ago.

It may be a small moment, but it certainly speaks volumes that Kit is willing to let Ty heal him when he’s been raised not to trust Shadowhunters and refused help from the others at the end of Lady Midnight.

Lord of Shadows does not have an official release date yet, but it is earmarked for April 2017.

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