LA Is Burning In Latest FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Teaser

The destruction of LA is underway in the newest FEAR THE WALKING DEAD teaser!

When Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma in the beginning of The Walking Dead, the world has already been ravaged by walkers. Thankfully, fans of the series will soon be able to see how it all went down in a new companion series! The latest Fear The Walking Dead teaser shows just how badly things get in Los Angeles as the population there first encounters the virus.

Fear The Walking Dead follows a recently married couple, Madison and Travis, and their children from past relationships as their family drama is complicated exponentially by the onset of the zombie apocalypse.

The official Twitter account for the series also posted this short look yesterday, which shows the walkers slowing infecting Los Angeles’ modern day suburbia and boasts the tagline “Fear Begins Here”.

Fear The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Sunday, August 23.


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