LADY MIDNIGHT Snippet Hints at Cristina Rosales love life

Emma explains Perfect Diego to Livvy

Well, here’s something different.  We get a snippet of Emma Carstairs talking to someone other than Julian or Mark!  Yes, she actually does have female friends!  And this Lady Midnight snippet hints at Cristina Rosales love life!

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little.  For the Shadowhunter Chronicles readers, this isn’t anything new, but it’s nice to see interactions between Emma and other people aside from the Blackthorn boys.  Not that there’s really anything wrong with that, but at least this one doesn’t punch at your heart like the others might do.

Plus, it’s nice to hear a little about the complications that Emma’s friend Cristina Rosales having to deal with in her own life.  And there’s yet another Blackthorn that we haven’t heard from yet in the snippets, Olivia aka Livvy.

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“Perfect Diego is the boy Cristina’s mother wants her to marry,” Emma told Livvy. Now it was Cristina’s turn to look betrayed. “It’s not an arranged marriage, not exactly, it’s just that her mother loves him, he’s a Rosales —“

“He’s related to you?” Livvy asked Cristina. “Isn’t that a problem? I mean, I know Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale are a famous love story, but they weren’t actually brother and sister. Otherwise I think it would probably be a …”

“Less famous love story,” said Emma, with a grin.

Cristina waved her hand dissmisively. “The Rosaleses are a huge Shadowhunting family. I don’t think he’s even a cousin. My mother just thinks it would help cement the Rosales empire. She thinks he’s perfect, so handsome, so smart, such a Shadowhunter, perfect perfect perfect —”

“And now you know how he got his nickname,” said Emma.

LADY MIDNIGHT Snippet Hints at Cristina Rosales

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