LADY AND THE TRAMP – 4 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

We celebrate Lady and the Tramp’s Anniversary with unknown facts about the movie!

Today marks the 61st anniversary of Lady and the Tramp, one of Disney’s classic films. In remembrance, here are facts about the movie you probably haven’t heard of.

1. Animators Used Their Own Faces As References to the Characters

the lady and the tramp

Actors faced a mirror, made several expressions, and studied how their features changed in order to incorporate realistic facial expressions for the dogs of the film.

2. Lady Was Based on a Real Dog

the lady and the tramp

Writer/artist Joe Grant sketched his dog, an English Springer Spaniel named Lady, and Walt Disney encouraged him to expand on his sketches and make a full storyboard. Both Grant’s dog Lady and Lady in the film were experiencing having a baby in the house for the first time.

3. A Moment From Walt Disney’s Personal Life Inspired a Famous Scene

the lady and the tramp

One Christmas, Walt Disney gave his wife a hat box with a chow puppy (named Sunnee). This inspired the scene when Jim Dear gifts his wife Lady in a hat box.

4. The Setting was Inspired by Walt Disney’s Hometown

the lady and the tramp

The area from where Walt Disney was from, Marceline, Missouri, inspired the small town vibe of the movie.

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