Lana Parrilla Teases What’s To Come On ONCE UPON A TIME

Once Upon a Time’s Evil Queen, Lana Parrilla previews big changes during this Sunday’s winter finale.

As the Frozen story arc comes to an end on Once Upon a Time, Lana Parrilla cautions things won’t be entirely calm. She tells The Hollywood Reporter, “There is something else happening, where there are remnants of the spell lingering. There are a few people who are still affected by the spell. Not so much the Spell of the Shattered Sight, but some other spell I can’t really say.”

She also speaks about what’s to come with her romance with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire).”I will say that Robin Hood is going to have to make a very difficult decision between Regina and Marian (Christie Laing), He’s been in that position for quite some time, but this will be even more difficult and heartbreaking. That’s what’s happening in Regina’s world.”

On Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and her quest for the author of the book, Parrilla explains, “I don’t think [Regina]’s very much aware of what’s up Rumple’s sleeves. He’s always up to no good, and the fact that he wants to take Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) of Storybrooke is definitely unbeknownst to Regina. She has no idea this is part of the plan. The only one who knows is Hook. There’s a scene coming up this Sunday between Gold and Regina where they talk about the author, I think Gold just thinks she’s kind of nutty. That she’s just crazy to conjure up this plan, and that this quest is probably near-impossible and won’t amount for much. But that’s kind of his perspective on it.” Parrilla also shares going forward, “we will learn new clues that will give us a great lead to who the author is. I’m uncertain about if the author will be revealed this season, but we will definitely be on the quest to find who the author is, and [have them] be forced to write Regina a happy ending.”