Latest HARRY POTTER Cover Artist Talks Re-Imagining The Look Of The Series

On September 1, Bloomsbury released new covers for the HARRY POTTER series in the UK. Now Jonny Duddle, the artist behind the newly imagined look for the books, is talking all about his process and the challenges he faced as he created each cover.


Duddle worked with Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter experts, J.K. Rowling’s agent, and the author herself to get all the details of the story correct, though he still faced lots of ups and downs when it came to fan reaction, especially since he’s the first artist whose sketches must compete with the look of all eight movies.

On the final cover comparisons to the film:

“He’s only meant to be 17, and he’s always described as being quite slight. Ron is meant to be tall and skinny. The problem is in the film Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are grown men by that point, and they’ve been working out.”

Duddle also provided The Telegraph with an amazing glimpse of the covers as they progressed from sketches to full-blown designs. Check the image below to see!