Latest Reached Quotes

The Official Matched Facebook page has been steadily releasing quotes from the last book in the Matched Trilogy, Reached!

With only nine days to go until the release of the penultimate book in the series, here are the latest quotes (some of which seem very juicy!):

“How many of them came in from the sky? I wonder. How many simply changed a set of clothes?” – page 94

“Indie falls back to walk with me. ‘You should jump,’ she says. “They all want you to do it.’” – page 130

“Ky holds out his hand to shake mine and we grip tightly, and I feel him press a piece of paper into my palm.” – page 145

“She moves to me. Her hand slides into my hair, her lips press against mine.” – page 187

Reached by Ally Condie Matched Trilogy Book Cover

“’Everyone has a currency,’ she says. ‘One of the most interesting ones is knowledge, when people want to know things, not possess them.’” – page 193

“And then without thinking I do touch her. I put my hand on her with my palm flat against the gone at the base of her neck and my fingers curving up into her hair.” – page 209

“We’re flying lower now, and I can see people looting and pushing against weak places in the fence. The barricade is about to be breached.” – page 213

“But the more time I spend running my fingers over it, the more I’m convinced it was carved with intent. I try to feel for more but I can’t stretch any farther while I’m strapped in.” – page 235

“She smiles. Then I know. She doesn’t think this is a trap, and Cassia’s here. That’s clear, even though nothing else is. Something’s wrong with me.” – page 256

“’It seemed your name was worth a second look. And when we looked again, there was a great deal to find.’ And now his voice is very cold.” – page 267

“He and I are talking and joking, using the same tone we did when we played at the game tables. One again Ky is going to lose and it’s not fair.” – page 281

“I should feel shock, I know. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is here, now, his eyes looking at me, my fingers holding on to him and touching earth.” – page 287

“I don’t even try to stop myself. I reach out and pull her close and she lets me. It feels good and for a moment I don’t say anything.” – page 297

“Their music sounds different up here than it did in the Burough, like it matters more. There aren’t many other sounds to cover it up, so you have to listen.” – page 302