Latest WINTER Excerpt addresses Jacin Clay

We get to know more about Jacin Clay in this Winter excerpt

Winter is coming!  Well, we mean Winter, book four of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, is coming.  Not that other winter.

We’ve all been waiting anxiously and, it seems, forever for this book to finally be available to us.  It’s the final book in the series and we’ll be able to see where Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter will be and if they’ll get their happy endings with love interests Prince Kai, Wolf, Captain Carswell Thorne, and Sir Jacin Clay, respectively, of course.

It’s only a little over a month away until the release, but they’ve given us a new excerpt, with this one being a conversation between Queen Levana and Sir Jacin Clay.

“Dearest Sir Clay,” she mused, and he wondered if she’d detected his desperation. “Do not think I am unaware of what I am asking you to do and how difficult it will be for you. But I am being merciful. I know you will be quick. She will not suffer at your hands. In this way, I also fulfill my promise to her father, don’t you see?”

She was insane. Absolutely insane.

The worst of it was that he thought she might actually believe what she was saying.

His fingers twitched. A drop of sweat slipped down his neck.

“I can’t,” he said. “I won’t. Please . . . please spare her. Take away her title. Turn her into a servant. Or banish her to the outer sectors, and you’ll never hear from her again, I promise you . . .”

With a withering glare, Levana turned away and sighed. “How many lives would you sacrifice for hers?” She strolled toward the screen. The video was paused now, showing the three children in the doorway. “Would you rather I had these children killed instead?”

His heart kicked, trying to free itself from his rib cage.

“Or what about…”

They’ll be releasing more excerpts and we’ll be posting them on the site, however, they also have “Join the Resistance” posters like the one below in which you can download from the official website.


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