Lauren Oliver in GALO Magazine

Lauren Oliver answered some great fan questions for GALO Magazine recently! She talked about using writing as a confessional of sorts, the best types of characters, and writing for different age groups.

Check out a peek under the cut!

Renee from Australia: Generally, what are your favorite types of characters to write out in your books and what makes them your favorite?

LO: I’ve never thought about that! I’m not sure, actually. I’m a writer who is deeply driven by characters — exploring people’s motivations and behaviors is one of the major reasons I became a writer in the first place. It’s always fun to write love interests, of course, and I think in general I enjoy exploring secondary or ancillary characters. It’s always a challenge to make them feel dimensional, since they get less “screen” time.

Jessica from Oregon: All of your characters are capturing and alluring, as if they are a part of you. Are any of the situations that your characters face derived from any personal experiences you’ve had in life?

LO: Oh, yes, I definitely use my writing as both a diary and a confessional. My characters are often struggling with emotional difficulties I’ve encountered or had to face, and I even pull specific details from my real life. My books are actually encoded with a secret meeting that only I know: names of people I’ve dated and places I’ve lived; secrets I’ve kept; anxieties I have but have always been too afraid to confess.