Lauren Oliver Issues a Writing Challenge!

After all the chaos surrounding the release of her new book, Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver is back to giving her readers writing challenges! Lauren loves to get her readers creative juices flowing and this is certainly a fun way to do it!

So what’s in store this time?!

The prompt for this challenge is. . . awkward! No, really, awkward is the prompt. What does awkward mean to you? Is it blurting out you like someone, only to have him/her confess to liking your best friend? Is it the moment at graduation your uncle gets drunk and confesses he wished he’d married your mother instead of her sister? Is it your father trying to give you advice on the birds and bees, or your mom asking your advice on the very same subject? Or is it (like the image above) when someone gives you a present that you just have no idea what to do with! Take this anywhere you want, so long as the prevailing theme is a moment of supreme and skin-crawling awkwardness.

The best entries will be featured on Lauren’s very own blog for all of her readers to see!

You can find all the details, including response length and due date on Lauren’s blog!

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