Lauren Oliver Reads A New Chapter From REPLICA

Lauren Oliver’s Replica is a new type of YA novel that’s sure to make your head spin. It’s a three-in-one book that can be read as individual stories for Gemma, a sickly teen who discovers her father’s involvement with a strange research facility and Lyra, Gemma’s experimental clone who busts her way out of said research facility, or as one whole story alternating between both perspectives.

When the author released Lyra’s first chapter last month, she promised even more to come. Now, she’s delivered!

Check out the second chapter of Lyra’s story, which features lots of sci-fi intrigue.

We haven’t seen anything from Gemma’s perspective yet. Maybe the chapter has some big drama and secrets from the get-go, but maybe Lauren’s just biding her time given the book’s fall release.

Replica hits shelves on September 27, 2016. You can pre-order it now via Amazon and more.


By Molly

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