Lauren Oliver To Release ‘The Book of SHHH’ As DELIRIUM Series Companion

‘The Book of SHHH’ from DELIRIUM will get its own free release!

If you’ve been missing the Delirium series since it ended with Requiem in 2013, there’s something new that’s sure to cheer you up!

Author Lauren Oliver has announced that she’ll be releasing a vital part of the Delirium universe, ‘The Book of SHHH’ (officially known as ‘The Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook’) in eBook form!

In the Delirium trilogy, Lena lives in a dystopian America in which love has been declared a disease and all citizens must undergo a procedure to keep themselves from feeling such emotions just after their eighteenth birthday. ‘The Book of SHHH’ is an anti-love propaganda guidebook that lays out the symptoms of “deliria”, as well as the prayers, popular quotes, and mottos that are the bedrock of Lena’s dreary society.

A quote from the book is featured at the beginning of several chapters of the story (check them out here!), but Oliver promises a complete look at the handbook, including several new passages.

book of shhh

The best part? This mini-eBook will be completely free!

‘The Book of SHHH’ will hit the web in May 2016.

Lauren Oliver’s latest novel, a middle grade title called Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head, was released in September.

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