Lauren Oliver’s Love Lessons Learned

Lauren Oliver shared three lessons in love she’s learned from books as part of Epic Reads’ Love is Epic campaign!

She shows no shortage of great taste, referencing Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Little Women, Harry Potter, and His Dark Materials, among other books!

Here’s a peek:

1) Be blunt.


Many of the great romantic novels I first fell in love with were written 80 to100 years before I was born. And you know what? They have a lot in common with today’s rom coms. You know the drill: Girl and Guy, obviously perfect for each other, must nonetheless leapfrog over a series of obstacles, mixups, and at least one cringeworthy misunderstanding, before they can finally kiss on the last page. There is never any real danger that Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy aren’t going to end up together in Pride & Prejudice . . . but that doesn’t stop me from freaking out over every misunderstanding that keeps them apart.

Maybe that’s why I’ve made it a goal to be super honest about my feelings. Life is short, and it’s far better to face potential rejection than to waste years—or even months—staying mum about the things that matter. Just think how much easier things would have been for Romeo and Juliet if that letter had just gotten through on time! (Another thing I’ve learned: Never trust crucial, life-or-death missives to the postal service.)

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