Lauren Oliver’s YA Thriller REPLICA Optioned For Film

Lauren Oliver’s experimental new YA novel Replica isn’t due to be published until October, but the movie adaptation may be well underway by that time!

Awesomeness Films has optioned the film adaptation of Replica, which tells the tale of “Lyra, known by the number 24, a replica – human model – who was born, raised and observed in a clandestine research facility called the Haven Institute. When Lyra escapes from Haven and meets Gemma, a stranger on a quest of her own, earth-shattering secrets are revealed.”

The studio is also behind the adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall starring Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, and Logan Miller, which is due out sometime this year.


Here’s what Lauren Oliver said of the deal via Deadline:

“Awesomeness is a dynamic and deeply creative company and I’m thrilled to have another one of my books with them, especially after our positive experience with Before I Fall. I hope it’s one of many.”

The Replica novel will have a bit of an unusual format. The book is the three-in-one: Depending on how you read it, you get Lyra’s individual story, Gemma’s individual story, or a greater reveal when you combine both. The novel is due out on October 4, 2016.

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