LEAKED: First Look At Maisie Williams on the DOCTOR WHO Set

New photos leaked from the DOCTOR WHO set show Maisie Williams in costume for guest role.

WARNING: DOCTOR WHO Season 9 spoilers ahead!

Fans of DOCTOR WHO and GAME OF THRONES alike have practically salivating since the news broke: Maisie Williams will be a guest star on the next season of the hit BBC show DOCTOR WHO! Fans have had many theories about who she’ll play, but some new photos leaked from the set aren’t exactly clearing things up.

In the newly leaked photos and video, Maisie appears to be dressed up as an old school highway robber. Take a look:

The prominent fan theory prior to the leak was that Maisie would play a younger version of Clara Oswald, especially after Jenna Coleman went missing from the episode table read that Maisie attended. Now we’re not so sure! Then again, this is DOCTOR WHO. She could easily be young Clara and a masked bandit all at once!


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