‘Legends of Today’ Take Over In ARROW / THE FLASH Extended Crossover Preview

We’ve got more information on the epic crossover between Arrow and The Flash coming in just two weeks, all thanks to a extended crossover preview that breaks down what to expect from the adjoining ‘Legends of Today’ and ‘Legends of Yesterday’!

The plot centers around Kendra Saunders aka Hawgirl, who has been featured on the last two episodes of The Flash as an everyday barista at Jitters who has just started dating Team Flash’s very own Cisco Ramon. Unfortunately, she also has an ancient secret past that she can’t remember and an immortal by the name of Vandal Savage is out to destroy her.

The Flash will quickly learn that he can’t take on Savage’s powers on his own, so he calls in the experts from Team Arrow for a collaboration. Meanwhile, Hawkman shows up to reintroduce Kendra to her dark past and unleash the amazing powers buried within her leading up to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

This definitely looks like it will be an action-packed, thoroughly enjoyable episode! It’ll will be great to get a full look at the Hawkman and Hawkgirl abilities, but we can only imagine the laughs we’ll have as Cisco sees Kendra’s powers in action for the first time!

The extended crossover preview features scene from both episodes. ‘Legends of Today’ will air Tuesday, December 1st and ‘Legends of Yesterday’ will air Wednesday, December 2nd.

extended crossover preview