Leigh Bardugo Announces THE DREGS Series Name Change

Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy spin-off is no longer called THE DREGS. After much consideration and a big build-up, the author announced the name name for the first book on tubmlr (and showed off some impressive nail art while doing it)!


Leigh goes on to explain why SIX OF CROWS is the better title for the book:

So why the title change? There were concerns that the word “dregs” was unfamiliar to a lot of readers, but it also came down to the fact that while some of the members of Kaz’s crew are also members of the gang known as the Dregs (one of the worst in the Barrel natch), some aren’t, and this book is about Kaz and his crew more than it’s about the gang.

Why Six of Crows? Well, crows are allll over this book and they’re important to Kaz in particular.

SIX OF CROWS was originally announced as a duology, but the title for the second book remains unknown. Leigh will be reading from the book while on tour this fall.