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Leigh Bardugo Reveals Six SHADOW AND BONE Cast Members [UPDATED TO 10!]

After months of speculation and teases, it’s time to meet some of the cast of Shadow and Bone, the Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo‘s Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows series!

Welcome to the fandom, Jessie Mei Li, Archie Reneaux, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, and Kit Young!

But who is playing whom, you ask? Executive Producer Eric Heisserer was kind enough to break it all down in a followup tweet.

The biggest question seems to be “Who is General Kirigan?” The character isn’t from the books and could be an original character for the show. However, we have another theory: General Kirigan is another name for Aleksander Morozova aka The Darkling. He doesn’t like to use his real name, after all, and in a realistic adaptation, we doubt many others would be willing to refer to someone as “The Darkling”.

UPDATE: Our theory has been confirmed by Leigh, who reminds us all that “The Darkling has many names.”

UPDATE #2: Four additional cast members have been named by Deadline!

According to the publication, the cast also includes Sujaya Dasgupta, Danielle Galligan, Daisy Head, and Simon Sears. The article doesn’t name the characters they’re playing, but Leigh Bardugo has been slowly confirming each for fans on her socials:

  • Sujaya Dasgupta – Zoya Nazyalensky
  • Daisy Head – Genya Safin
  • Danielle Galligan – Nina Zenik
  • Simon Sears – Ivan, The Darkling’s righthand man

Bardugo has previously described the first season of Shadow and Bone as the beginning of her original book series, also called Shadow and Bone, meets a prequel to Six of Crows, which takes place in the same world. There are definitely some big characters missing from this lineup, but even if they’re not added in for season one, they could definitely make their way on to the show as time goes on.

Given that this is a Netflix production, it will likely be some time before we get a release date. Still, seeing the cast come together is pretty enthralling!

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