Leigh Bardugo’s Ravkan Folktale LITTLE KNIFE Available to Read for Free

The final book of Leigh Bardugo‘s Grisha trilogy, Ruin and Rising, was released last month.  It was splendid, if you don’t already know.  Leigh really knows how to create and develop characters, and she does so with elegance and beautiful intricacy.

The same can be said about her Ravkan folktales, or short stories, that she’s written to be released between the major books.  They are all free to read on, and her most recent one, Little Knife, is also available to read here.  Or if you have the funds and love to read stuff on your e-readers, they are available to purchase for $.99 onto your Nook, Kindle, or Ipad here.

Click on the image to read or purchase it!

via MacTeenBooks.