Lex Luthor’s Son Will Be the Main Villain in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Comic book fans can’t wait to see the two classic superheroes, Batman and Superman, in the upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg is set to play Lex Luthor, Superman’s famous rival. But many fans didn’t feel the part was right, as Lex Luthor had often appeared as an older, balder, megalomaniac-type, not a long-haired tech mogul with a start-up aesthetic and a company basketball court.

But new information about the film tells us that there’s a reason for that: Jesse Eisenberg’s character is Alexander Luthor Jr, the son of Lex Luthor!



In the upcoming movie, Lex Luthor Jr’s company LexCorp, which does military contracts, had an interview with Fortune Magazine in which Lex Luthor Jr had invented a product that will change the world. Lex Luthor Jr had talked about his product:

“It’s about safety. This is a product that will protect you, and everyone, from threats you don’t even know about yet. I don’t want to scare anybody… much. But there are a lot of threats out there, and they’re here today.”

This Lex Luthor is described in an interview as:

a 31-year-old wunderkind who transformed an aging petrochemical and heavy machinery dinosaur into tech darling of the Fortune 500 in what some call a superhuman feat.

This new development has the already anticipated movie even more exciting! To see all this happening, watch the movie on March 25th, 2016.


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