Liam Speaks Up

Liam Hemsworth finally opened up about his thoughts about the change of directors for Catching Fire. Hemsworth said he doesn’t have a clue when the shooting starts for Catching Fire, but he did have some thoughts to share about Gary Ross’s departure and Francis Lawrence jumping on board.

“I’m really sad to see that Gary’s not going to be part of the second one,” he said. “He did such an amazing job on the first. “I think he brought so much to the movie,” he said. “I’m definitely going to miss him.”

Don’t worry! He does feel confident that Lionsgate wouldn’t hand over the director seat to the wrong guy.

“I think that there’s still so many people a part of it that want the film to be great and care about it so much that they’re not going to bring the wrong person on.”


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Source: Eonline

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