Life Lessons From Gayle Forman, Plus Giveaway

These amazing Gayle Forman quotes offer up some serious life lessons!

There are a lot of life lesson to be learned from Gayle Forman, contemporary Young Adult author extraordinaire! She has 14 books and novellas under her belt, all of which offer up wisdom, hope, and heart beyond compare. Her latest gut-wrenching release, I Was Here, is out on paperback now!

life lessons

To celebrate, we’re sharing a couple of Gayle’s most quotable lines (We couldn’t share them all as there are just too many amazing quotes) and talking about what we’ve learned from her brilliant, heartfelt works!

If I Stay


We think everyone who’s ever lost someone feels the power of this quote. We are all the sum of the other people we’ve interacted with throughout life, particularly our family and dear friends. When we lose them, we carry a part of their spirits within ourselves. We always remember the ways they influenced us. We consider what they would do in difficult situations. We’ll tell stories about them to future generations. They never truly die, because they live through us. It’s basically the most beautiful sentiment ever and Gayle says it with such eloquence!



Where She Went

“I’ve blamed her for all of this, for leaving, for ruining me. And maybe that was the seed of it, but from that one little seed grew this tumor of a flowering plant. And I’m the one who nurtures it. I water it. I care for it. I nibble from its poison berries. I let it wrap around my neck, choking the air right out of me. I’ve done that. All by myself. All to myself.”

In Where She Went, we find Adam in a downward spiral and we know who he blames for it: Mia, for leaving him abruptly three years ago. Both of the characters have a lot of misplaced resentment throughout the novel, but there’s also an important realization from Adam: Nobody else is truly to blame for you actions. Your decisions and your reactions to others are all up to you. It’s definitely hard to remember that in the heat of the moment, but these are some serious words to live by!

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