Light Meets Ryuk in DEATH NOTE Comic-Con Clip

Light discovers the powers of Ryuk and the Death Note in a new clip!

Netflix made its presence known at San Diego Comic-Con this year with a major presence on the convention floor and a panel revealing some new, original properties coming to the streaming service soon. One such project is Death Note, an adaptation of a popular Manga that’s already had several iterations in Japan.

Death Note follows Light Turner (Nat Wolff), a teen who discovers a notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose face he knows simply by writing down their name, courtesy of a spirit of death named Ryuk (Willem Dafoe). Light uses his newfound power to craft the world to the utopia he thinks it should be. But no one can truly maintain the balance between life and death fairly, and Light is no exception.

In a clip released at Comic-Con, Ryuk and Light have their first meeting as Ryuk shows his new companion how to use the Death Note to right perceived wrongs.

We’ve got to admit, this version of Ryuk looks wonderfully creepy!

It’s hard to tell from a two-minute clip, but it seems the Netflix adaptation will show more of Light’s progression from a relatively normal teen to full-blown megalomaniac, rather than having him be an egotistical brat from the outset.

We’ll know for sure when Death Note hits Netflix on August 25, 2017.

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