Lili Taylor and Barry Pepper Join Cast of THE SCORCH TRIALS

Production on the sequel to the The Maze Runner movie, The Scorch Trials, is soon to start later this month.  Although we already announced several key additions to the cast some time ago, here’s a couple more, which may have fans of the book questioning the direction of the film as compared to the storyline of the source material.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s exclusive announcement on this, Barry Pepper (Kill the Messenger, The Green Mile) will play a character named Vince, who is a soldier of a legendary unit named the Right Arm.  He, along with several others, are survivalists of a disease called the Flare, which affects people’s minds to where they end up violent and insane.

Lili Taylor (The Conjuring, Hemlock Grove) plays Mary Cooper, a doctor who is part of another (I presume) group of survivors of the Flare.


Readers of the book may have a tough time recalling the names of these characters in the books, mainly because I’m pretty sure they actually don’t exist in the book.  Now, I didn’t try to re-read it to be sure.  For all I know, it’s possible these names are somewhere in the book, but they obviously had no significance to the story.  However, with this announcement, it seems that these characters will add more depth to the story, if anything.

Of course, the question is how much of the movie will actually stray from the book.  Maybe a little, maybe a lot.  We may not know until the movie is in theaters, but considering how well the first movie did, I’m trusting that director Wes Ball and the rest of the people behind the movie, to find that excellent balance between page and screen.

What do you think of this casting announcement with new characters?  Let us know!


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