Lilly Singh Joins HBO’s Adaptation of FAHRENHEIT 451

Lilly Singh steps into familiar territory for FAHRENHEIT 451 role!

YouTube star Lilly Singh is dipping her toes back into traditional media with a role in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of the Ray Bradbury sci-fi classic Fahrenheit 451.

Michael B. Jordan stars in the film, which follows a fireman in a dystopian society in which books have been outlawed. As a “fireman,” Montag is manly responsible for tracking down and burning books (451 degrees fahrenheit is the temperature at which books burn.) However, his life is flipped upside down when a young neighbor’s stubborn ideologies make him question society and its restrictions on written stories and knowledge.

According to Variety, Singh will play Raven, who is also a media sensation of sorts. The character is a “tabloid vlogger” who sells the governments anti-book, pro-burning message to the population at large through her videos.

Lilly Singh has previously had small roles in Bad Moms, Ice Age: Collision Course, and Life In Pieces, but of course, she’s best known for her YouTube channel.

At this time, HBO has not announced the premiere date for Fahrenheit 451.

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