Lionsgate Announces “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition”

Lionsgate, as part of an initiative to spread its brand to various lines of businesses (locally and internationally), will launch a U.S. tour called The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in Summer 2015!

Tim Palen, Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer, made the announcement this morning.

The exhibition will include interactive displays of real costumes, props and various elements of the Hunger Games world. It will be designed in partner with Thinkwell Group, which is a leading theme park and location-based entertainment company.

This exhibition will launch months ahead of the fourth and final Hunger Games film, Mockingjay – Part 2, which releases on November 20, 2015; and will house artifacts that were featured in the first three films — from the Capitol to various districts. It will be features in major museums and institutions around the country and will be marketed by through multimedia promotional efforts. There will also be advanced tickets sells for all the diehard Hunger Games fans!

“Now that we’ve built a critical mass of intellectual property, we’re committed to extending our brands into exciting new businesses that create opportunities for our fans to engage with our properties at the same time they deliver significant incremental financial benefits to Lionsgate,” said Palen.  “We’re thrilled to launch this initiative with the U.S. tour of The Hunger Games exhibition, which celebrates the world of The Hunger Games and offers Hunger Games fans an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the movie-making process.”

Palen also stated that the exhibits will consist of educational efforts by being paired with local school curricula, and as mentioned before, the exhibit will be interactive.

This is such exciting news for the Hunger Games franchise and for the fans!