Listen to the Trailer for The Katniss Chronicles: Part II!

The Katniss Chronicles are almost back!  Just one week away until this BRILLIANT audio drama based on The Hunger Games trilogy will be back to help make the wait until November 22 a little less painless!  Today was a big day, as they released the trailer for their Catching Fire installment of the show!!

Here’s the press release:

Los Angeles, CA – June 18, 2013 – The premiere episode of the fan-made audio drama The Katniss Chronicles: Part II is one week away from its June 25th release, and the project’s creators have now released their new trailer – teasing what is next in store for the Girl on Fire! This is the sound of rebellion!

Based on the second book of author Suzanne Collins’ bestselling Hunger Games trilogy, The Katniss Chronicles: Part II will continue the story of Katniss Everdeen, a 17-year-old girl living in a post-apocalyptic America, who has just been crowned one of two victors in the annually televised battle to the death known as the Hunger Games.

“I hope that the trailer for Part II will give listeners a taste of the talented cast and thrilling adventures that await them in the next installment of The Katniss Chronicles,” says Sam Rhodes, who is writing, directing, and editing the audio drama.  Premiering on June 25, 2013, Part II promises even more nonstop action and excitement, as it will feature 22 episodes, with each new episode to be released on a weekly basis.

Click here to listen to the trailer — it’s really amazing!  We HIGHLY recommend you become familiar with them if you aren’t already.  To do so, you just need to subscribe on iTunes!