A Little Mermaid Casts William Moseley

The Royals star, William Moseley, has been cast in the live-action version of the Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Little Mermaid

William Moseley, who can currently be seen as Prince Liam on the E! drama The Royals, has been cast for a starring role in A Little Mermaid, the live action film based off of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. A Little Mermaid features a young orphan named Elle who discovers a creature she believes to be the real “Little Mermaid.” Moseley will play the role of Elle’s big brother, Cam Harrison. Cam “has come to the U.S. to live after the deaths of her parents. A newspaperman, he is sent to a small Mississippi town on an assignment to find out more about some mysterious healing waters and ends up learning more than he ever imagined about the power of love, belief and magic — both light and dark”.

Along with the announcement of Moseley came the announcement of three others in supporting roles.  Diahann Carroll, William Forsythe and Gina Gershon have also been cast in the production, although there was no statement as to which characters they’ll be playing in the film.

A Little Mermaid also stars Poppy Drayton, Loreto Peralta and Shirley MacLaine and will be directed by Chris Bouchard. It is set to release in 2017.


William Moseley cast in A Little Mermaid


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