Liv Moore Is The Primary Objective- iZombie Season Finale Trailer Released

Stolen brains, albino rats suddenly turning colour, and an energy drink that turns you psychotic are only three of the main plot points within Season 1 of CW’s iZombie.

The fourteenth episode, dubbed ‘Blaine’s World’, is due to be aired at 8pm on June 9th on the CW channel.

Dr Ravi Chakrabati (Rahul Kohli) and Liv Moore (Rose McIver), 01×05

This finale could see Liv (Rose McIver) cured of her zombie-tendancies thanks to the hush-hush experiments that her boss (and confidant) Ravi (Rahul Kohli) has been conducting. Also, her ‘psychic tendancies’ could bring another Max Rager case to the desk of Detective Babineaux (Malcom Goodwin). While Liv tries to deal with her possibly-reinstated mortality, Major (Robert Buckley) could be fighting for his life against the scheming Blaine (David Anders), the antagonist of the show (he can be seen being held hostage in a freezer in Blaine’s butcher’s shop in the trailer).

After suffering heartbreak twice, turning schizophrenic for an episode, being dumped by her fiancée-now-self-righteous-zombie-slayer, this is hopefully our trepidatious trio’s first season finale.

The trio slowly becoming our favourite on CW

Check out the trailer for the season finale down below…

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