Lois Duncan: Remembering Her Legacy

After Her Sudden Death, We Remember Lois Duncan Young Adult Author

On Wednesday 16th of June famed YA author Lois Duncan died in her home. Her husband Don Arquette released a statement on her Facebook confirming her passing.

Although today many younger readers may not recognise her name Lois Duncan wrote over 50 books which include titles such as Down a Dark Hall, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Killing Mr. Griffin, Incredibly popular with young girls, Duncan’s books introduced her readers to mature issues such as murder, teen pregnancy, and abusive fathers. Her books are included in many different genres such as crime, YA, gothic suspense, supernatural, horror.  What many believe made her books so popular was how relatable the protagonists were. The girls acted and thought like real people which helped for her popularity.

Crime novelist Laura Lippman, who interviewed Duncan last year when she received the prestigious Grand Master Award from Mystery Writers of America, recalls how “achingly real” Duncan’s young female protagonists were – the kinds of girls who worry about new bathing suits, argue with their moms and struggle with their science fair projects. “I knew these girls,” she says. “I wanted what they wanted, dreamed their dreams.”

If you have not read any of her books I highly recommend that you do.



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