Take A Look at the Cover of Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END has an intriguing title and a slick new cover!

The cover for Adam Silvera‘s seemingly fascinating YA novel, They Both Die At The End, has just been released. It shows two teenagers walking on the streets at night with their shadows forming the shape of the Grim Reaper. Obviously, death is involved, but this story is more about celebrating life.

The novel is about Mateo and Rufus, two teens who meet through an app called Last Friend to try to live an entire lifetime in a day. This happens because a service called Death-Cast in their world calls them on the day that they will die. Basically, they’re making the most of the day they have left.

Take a look at the cover below!


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Check out the interview Mashable did with Adam Silvera!

Mashable: Can you tell us a little bit about They Both Die At The End?

Adam Silvera: Yeah! It’s my first time talking about it and I am really excited!

[They Both Die At The End] is set in a world where you get a phone call on the day you’re going to die. So you don’t know the weeks or months leading up to it, you only know on the actual day that it’s going to happen. And Death-Cast provides this service to anyone. [The book] centers around two boys – Mateo and Rufus – who sign up for the Last Friend app after they find out that they are dying today.

So that’s a heavy starting point!

Yeah, the book opens right as Mateo is getting his phone call and then an hour later Rufus is getting his. I’ve always wanted to write a story that took place over the course of a day and the book really provided the opportunity to allow me to do so.

Of course it sounds like it’s going to be extremely devastating, and in a lot of ways it is, but I wanted to write about characters who are kind of breaking out of their mold at the last minute possible and the value that comes with that.

Given those themes, what initially inspired this conceit?

It was December 2012, my goddaughter had just been born and I remember I was was holding her at my best friend’s house in Ohio. I’ve always been an extremely paranoid person, and I was on a military base where my best friend’s husband was stationed. I was feeling sort of exposed even though it was in this secure neighborhood, and I had this fleeting thought of “What if someone broke in right now and killed us?” These are the thoughts you don’t want to have while you’re holding your new born goddaughter!

And then all of a sudden I was thinking, “It would be really great if we could have some heads up on like when were going to die.” Not even how we’re going to die or like what minute, but just the day so we can say our goodbyes, we can do the things we’ve always wanted to do but were always holding back for different reasons. And yes, it really just came from that one thought.

You can read the full interview here.

They Both Die At The End hits bookstores on September 5, 2017.

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