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Look Deeper into GAME OF THRONES Epic Episode “Book of the Stranger”

“Book of the Stranger” hits epic proportions, even for a show like HBO’s Game of Thrones.

It seemed that Game of Thrones was just teasing us with one thing to another in the first three episodes and fans were getting impatient.  Luckily, the showrunners made up for it all with “Book of the Stranger.”  Not only did it take major steps forward with just one story arc, but they hit several all in this one episode and it was glorious.


I will give the standard warning about spoilers involved – Warning: Spoilers.  However, if you have not seen the episode and you have the proper means to, then you best be doing that now instead of watching all the behind the scenes stuff.  But yes, let’s get a look into those major moments in episode 54, “Book of the Stranger,” because we can’t stop thinking about it anyway.

This could also be considered a siblings-heavy episode as the show delved into three different sibling relationships, including the one big reunion of Jon and Sansa.  But here’s a look at the what’s happened with Loras Tyrell when Margery is allowed to go see him.


Seriously, that reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark was just like seeing a unicorn or something, because we honestly can’t stop thinking about it.  However, this final scene of the episode was just so brilliant and epic, even if it did echo a scene from the first season’s finale episode.  You can’t deny it was pretty badass.

Game of Thrones bts look at "Book of the Stranger"

Did I mention that Jon Snow and Sansa Stark finally see a member of their family?  Five seasons later!


As much as I hate to admit it, this is Game of Thrones.  Nothing good ever seems to stay good for very long.  Just saying.  So enjoy this moment, fans.  Enjoy your time together Starks Sansa and Jon.  Bathe in the light of the warm fire, dear Daenerys.  Before all the crap hits us smack in the face.

Photo credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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